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Amongst Women (BBC Northern Ireland, 1998)

Angel (Film Four 1982,)

Belfast Assassin/Harry’s Game (Yorkshire Television, 1982)

Beloved Enemy (Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1936)

Bloody Sunday (Hell’s Kitchen Films, 2002)

Blown Away (MGM, 1994)

Borstal Boy, (British Screen Productions, 2000)

Boxed(Fireproof Films, 2002)

The Boxer (Universal/Hell’s Kitchen Films, 1997) .

The Break/A Further Gesture (Channel Four, 1997)

Breakfast on Pluto (Pathé Pictures International, 2005)

Broken Harvest (Destiny Films,1994)

Cal (Enigma Productions, 1984)

A Casualty of War (IFS Productions,1990)

Caught in a Free State (RTE, 1983)

Cracker: A New Terror(Granada Television, 2006)

The Crying Game (Palace Pictures, Channel Four Films, 1992)

The Dawning, (Lawson Productions,1988)

The Day They Robbed the Bank of England (Summit Film Productions, 1960)

The Devil’s Own (Columbia Pictures, 1997)

Disappearing in America (String and a Can Productions, 2009)

Divorcing Jack (Scala Productions, 1998)

The Eagle Has Landed(Associated General Films, 1976)

An Everlasting Piece, (Dreamworks, 2000)

Fifty Dead Men Walking (Handmade International, 2008)

A Fistful of Dynamite(Rafran Cinematografica,1971)

Five Minutes of Heaven (Big Fish Films, 2009)

Fools of Fortune(Polygram, 1990)

48 Angels (Fantastic Films, 2006)

Four Days in July, (BBC Films, 1984)

Der Fuchs von Glenarvon (Tobis, 1940) German

The General (J&M/Merlin Films, 1998)

The Gentle Gunman (Ealing Studios, 1952)

The Glory Boys(Yorkshire Television, 1984)

Hang Up Your Brightest Colours: The Life and Death of Michael Collins

(ITC, 1973)

Hennessy (American International, 1975)

Hidden Agenda (Helmdale Film, 1990)

Hunger (Film 4, 2008)

.I See a Dark Stranger, (Individual Pictures, 1946)

In the Name of the Father (Hell’s Kitchen Productions, 1992)

The Informant (Hallmark Entertainment, 1997)

The Informer (RKO, 1935)

I.R.A. King of Nothing (BBI Entertainment, 2006)

The Jackal (Universal, 1997)

Johnny Was, (Ben Katz Productions, 2006)

The Last September (Matrix/Scala, 2000)

League of Gentlemen (Allied Film Makers, 1960)

The Long Good Friday, (Handmade Films, 1979)

The Man Who Never Was, (Sumar Productions, 1956)

.Mein Leben für Irland (Tobis, 1941) German

Michael Collins (Warner Brothers, 1996)

Midnight Man (VisionView/Carousel/Telescene, 1995)

My Brother’s War(New Horizons, 1997) .

The Night Fighters/A Terrible Beauty (D.R.M. Productions, 1960)

Nighthawks (Universal, 1981)

Nothing Personal (Channel Four Films, 1994)

Odd Man Out (Two Cities Films, 1947)

Omagh (Hell's Kitchen International, Channel 4 Television, 2004)

On Dangerous Ground (VisionView/Carousel/Telescene 1996)

The Outsider (Cinematic Arts B.V, 1979)

Patriot Games (Paramount, 1992)

.Patriots(Boston Pictures, 1994)

The Plough and the Stars (RKO, 1936)

A Prayer for the Dying (The Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1987)

The Quiet Man, (Argosy/Republic, 1952)

The Railway Station Man (BBC Films, 1992)

Riot (PM Entertainment Group, 1999)

The Rising of the Moon (Warner Brothers, 1957)

Ronin(FGM Entertainment, United Artists Corporation,1998)

Run of the Country (Castle Rock Entertainment, 1995)

.Ryan’s Daughter (Warner Brothers, 1970)

Shadow Dancer (BBC Films, 2012)

The Shadow of Béalnabláth: The Story of Michael Collins(RTE, 1989)

Shake Hands With the Devil (Pennebaker Productions/Troy Films, 1959)

.Shergar (Blue Rider Pictures, 1999)

Some Mother’s Son (Castle Rock Entertainment, 1996)

Titanic Town (BBC Films, 1998)

The Treaty(Merlin Films,1991)

When the Sky Falls (Icon Entertainment, 2000)

Who Bombed Birmingham?/The Investigation: Inside a Terrorist Bombing

(Granada TV, 1990)

The Wind That Shakes the Barley, (Sixteen Films, 2006)

Young Cassidy (Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, 1965)

Series Television

“Battle of the Century,” Boardwalk Empire . Aired: 20 Nov. 2011

“The Conspirators,” Columbo Aired: 13 May 1978

“Ourselves Alone,” Boardwalk Empire Aired: 2 Oct. 2011

“The Troubles,”Law and Order Aired: 26 March 1991

“Up the Rebels” Hawaii Five-0 Aired: 15 September 1977

The IRA on Film and Television

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