The IRA on Film and Television - A History
IRA Chronology
1858                    Irish Republican Brotherhood founded in Dublin;
                             Fenians founded in New York City
1866-71              Fenian invasions of Canada with some units designated
                             Irish Republican Army
1905                    Sinn Fein founded
1913                    Irish Volunteers founded
1916                   Easter Rising
1919                  War of Independence begins
                            Irish Republican Army formed, led by Michael Collins
1920                    Bloody Sunday
1921                    Anglo-Irish Treaty ends war, establishes partition of
                             Irish Free State and British Northern Ireland
1922                    Irish Civil War begins
                             Michael Collins killed in IRA ambush
1923                   Irish Civil War ends
1936                   Irish Republican Army banned in Irish Free State
1937                    New Irish Constitution changes Free State to Erie, lays
                             claims to Northern Ireland
1939                   IRA begins bombing campaign in Britain
1940                   Sean Russell dies aboard German U-Boat
1949                    Erie officially becomes the Republic of Ireland
1956-1962         IRA Border Campaign in Northern Ireland
1969                    Protestant and Catholic conflicts erupt in Northern Ireland,
                             renewing “the Troubles”
                             British troops arrive in Northern Ireland
                             IRA splits into Official and Provisional organizations
1971                   First British soldier killed in Northern Ireland
                             Internment begins
1972                    Bloody Sunday, fourteen demonstrators killed by British troops
                             Official IRA declares permanent ceasefire
                             Northern Ireland parliament suspended, beginning of direct  
                             IRA detonates 22 car bombs in Belfast in a single hour
1974                   IRA bombings in Birmingham and Guildford
                             Prevention of Terrorism Act in Britain
1975                    Convictions of Birmingham Six and Guildford Four
1981                    Bobby Sands and nine others die on hunger strike
1989                   Guildford Four released after convictions are overturned
1991                   Birmingham Six released on third appeal
1998                    Good Friday Agreement
                             Real IRA bomb kills 29 in Omagh
2005                    Provisional IRA formally ends armed campaign
2011                   Irish Catholic police officer killed by dissident Republicans in
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